Accordance 9.1

Elegant bible study software


  • Excellent interface
  • Easy to search
  • Switches to different languages instantly


  • Shuts down every 60 minutes
  • Limited number of hymns

Very good
In terms of looks at least, Accordance is probably the best Bible software out there for Mac users as it's been built specifically for Mac OS.

This sets it apart from the plentiful Bible software available for Windows but that's been adapted for Mac. Accordance also has built up a strong following amongst Bible scholars using Macs since it was first released in 1994 so you know you're generally in good hands. Accordance was one of the first Bible study programs to implement things like graphical searching and statistical analysis of search results which are now commonplace. It even offers grammatically-tagged editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mishna, Hebrew Inscriptions, and other ancient texts.

Accordance is a pretty comprehensive package but it's easy enough to get to grips with using trial and error. There's also a very good tutorial taking you through every aspect of the application. You have two toolbars on the left and right with the Bible text displayed in the middle. You can search the Bible by verse, chapter number or keywords and there's even a collection of hymns although these are very limited. You can change from Hebrew to Greek in a click, make your own notes and clip certain passages for later reference.

Accordance is a highly polished and functional Bible study tool that covers just about any possible need for the Bible scholar.

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Accordance 9.1

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